"I am a child of the stars. My religion, like the clothes I wear will one day belong to the dust of the centuries. My spirit is immortal and belongs to the universe. Our sons and daughters are the princes and princesses of an eternal kingdom. They inherit the riches and resources of this planet for a span, until they continue their journey through time and space."

Reverend Ted Noffs 1926-1995

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Ted Noffs

The Mark of God

Dove Communications, 1984

With its vastness, remoteness, harshness and intrinsic sense of mateship, Australia inspires a spirituality which highlights the divinity of every individual, which focuses on deed and action rather than on word and ceremony - a spirituality which looks to salvation and survival as natural qualities of life and discounts despair and damnation.

ISBN 0-85924-307-9

Understanding the Drug Crisis

Wayside Foundation, 1986

Having created Australia's first treatment program for Sydney in 1967, Ted Noffs' insight, courage and compassion in crisis care led him to create Life Education Centres in 1979, as the only possible effective defense against the ravages of drug and body abuse.

ISBN 0-9591423-2-0

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Ted Noffs' Book List

The Summit of Daring

Cassell Australia, 1981

Ted - as he is always known - has a unique way of imbuing all who touch him, and turn to him, with a sense of their creative worth and potential: spontaneously, at all times, he inspires quiet conviction and belief. His talks have been recorded in this way so that his understanding spirit may radiate beyond the limits of time and place.

ISBN 0-7269-6470-0

Childhood Memories of Henry Lawson Country

The Wayside Foundation, 1983

In "Childhood Memories of Henry Lawson Country", a prose-poem of gentle delight, Ted Noffs relives the simple joys and vivid images of a sensitive child, as he re-creates the people and the land encompassing his small, young world: from the spirit of the soul of the great poet Henry Lawson to the bounty of the winegrowing earth in the land of gold-discovery adventure

ISBN 0-909167-00-1