"I am a child of the stars. My religion, like the clothes I wear will one day belong to the dust of the centuries. My spirit is immortal and belongs to the universe. Our sons and daughters are the princes and princesses of an eternal kingdom. They inherit the riches and resources of this planet for a span, until they continue their journey through time and space."

Reverend Ted Noffs 1926-1995

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Ted Noffs


Compass Mountain Publishers-Hazelbrook, 1977

"Cries" is Ted Noffs' book of original poetry."'Trust the poets, Ted, not the politicians.' Old Michael Sawtell the city bushman, was always giving me that advice. But he didn't need to preach because long ago I was a convert to the idea about poets. A poet is worth more than a dozen politicians." Ted Noffs.

ISBN 0-909167-01-X

By What Authority

Methuen of Australia, 1979

In "By What Authority" Ted develops simply and incisively a revolutionary alternative which focuses on the individual: on the mental, physical and emotional equilibrium of each person....There is a universality of vision in his disciplined concept of the family of humankind, governed by a philosophy of caring communion with each member...

ISBN 0-454-00126-6

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Ted Noffs' Book List

Ted Noffs' first nationally published work was "The Gates of Hell" in 1964 by Wayside Press. No copies were available at the time of this web site creation.

The Wayside Chapel


Fontana Press, 1967

"Ted Noffs' ideas are bold and controversial. But this book is primarily about the people- the beatniks, prostitutes, artists and immigrants, old and young of every faith and none-whose troubles and joys he has shared and who have helped to make the Wayside Chapel what it is today."

Drugs and People


Ure Smith-Sydney, 1976

"Ted Noffs was probably the first person in Australia to recognize the threat that drugs present both to individuals and to our society. He was certainly the first person to become actively involved in helping individuals and their families to cope with, understand, and combat the terrifying effects of drug addiction"

ISBN 0-7254-0285-7